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  • Bastien  Lefebvre
    Bastien Lefebvre



    Can we do that with Voxler 2 ? 

    Because when I overlay my image.tiff, the data used to create the HeightField deconnect itself from the height Field Module 

    Thanks for the answer 

  • Brittany Bodane
    Brittany Bodane

    Hi Bastien,


    Thank you for your question. The steps to overlay an image on a heightfield is the same in Voxler 2. You can try the below steps as an alternative method:

    1. Click File | Import and select the TIF and click Open.
    2. In the Network manager, click the image.tif module. 
    3. In the Module Library, expand the Graphics Output section (if necessary).
    4. Double click Heightfield. The Heightfield will now attach to the Image.tif module and display the image. 


    If you are still having trouble, please email your Voxler project file to support@goldensoftware.com as we would be happy to further assist you. 


    Thank you,

    Brittany Bodane

    Golden Software

  • Bastien  Lefebvre
    Bastien Lefebvre

    Thanks for your Answer !!!



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