Drape or overlay contours on a HeightField in Voxler

KB no longer maintained - Voxler is a retired product. Golden Software retired products are still supported, but no longer receive new features or updates. Many of Voxler's features are moving to Surfer . Please contact support@goldensoftware.com with any questions.
Contours can be draped over a HeightField if the source data for the Contours module is a Surfer GRD file. The GRD must be imported as a curvilinear lattice in order for the contours to be draped and displayed in 3D.  Here are the steps to import and display contours in 3D or draped over a GRD file:
  1. Open Voxler and click File | Import.
  2. In the Import dialog, navigate to the Surfer GRD and click Open.
  3. In the Lattice Import Options dialog, select Import as a curvilinear lattice and click OK.
  4. In the Network Manager select the GRD, right-click and choose Graphics Display | Contours.
  5. A HeightField can be added to the GRD by right-click and choose Graphics Display | HeightField.

Tip: If your surface is very flat, this is likely due to low variability in the Z values. Add a Transform module before the HeightField and Contours module to increase the vertical exaggeration of the output.


Updated May 22, 2018

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