I set custom mouse buttons in Voxler and would like to set them back to the default settings. How can I do so?

The mouse buttons can be customized by using the Tools | Options | Mouse command. To get back to the original settings,
  1. Click Tools | Options.
  2. On the Mouse page, click Left Button in the Mouse Button Assignments list.
  3. Toggle Rotate.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for the rest of the options in the Mouse Button Assignments list, using these toggle options:
    1. Middle Buttin = Zoom
    2. Right Button = Context Menu
    3. Ctrl-Left Button = Zoom
    4. Ctrl-Middle Button = None
    5. Ctrl-Right Button = None
    6. Shift-Left Button = Pan
    7. Shift-Middle Button = None
    8. Shift- Right Button = None 

Updated June 8, 2018

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