Extract and grid the sample data from wells in WellRender in Voxler

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The article describes how to extract the sample data from a WellData module and grid it so graphics display modules can be attached in Voxler.

The sample data can be extracted from the WellData module by connecting an ExtractPoints module to it. Once the ExtractPoints module is connected to the WellData module, it can be used as input for the Gridder module of the points can be displayed by adding a ScatterPlot module.

Voxler - extracting well data


To add an ExtractPoints module and grid the sample data:

  1. In the Network Manager, click the WellData module to select it.
  2. Click Network | Computational | ExtractPoints.
  3. In the Network Manager, click the ExtractPoints module to select it.
  4. Click Network | Computational |Gridder.
  5. In the Network Manager, click the Gridder module to select it.
  6. In the Property Manager, click the General tab.
  7. Click the Begin Gridding button.


When the gridding is complete, you can attach any of Voxler’s lattice-based graphics output modules.


Updated June 8, 2018

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