Why do I get a Surfer Automation error "no such named parameter"?

There are a few reasons you could get the error "ActiveX Automation: no such named parameter".


This error is usually caused by a typo in one of the parameters in the line indicated by the error. For example, this line would generate that error:

SurferApp.GridData3(DataFile:="c:\temp\test.dat", xcols:=xcol, ycol:=ycol, OutGrid:="c:\temp\out.grd")


This is because there is a typo in one of the parameter names. The parameter "xcols" should be simply "xcol".


If there are no typos in the line, this error could also be caused by using new parameters with an older version of Surfer. For example, this line would generate that error when run in Surfer 12:

SurferApp.GridData3(DataFile:="c:\temp\test.dat", xSize:=0.2, ySize:=0.2,  OutGrid:="c:\temp\out.grd")


This is because the parameters xSize and ySize were added in Surfer 13. Surfer 12 does not understand these parameter names.


If you are certain the line doesn't contain typos and is supported by the version of Surfer you are using, please email a simplified script that can be run in Scripter that exemplifies the problem to


Updated October 10, 2017

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