Error when attempting to calibrate a tablet (GSIWintab.cpp, Line 222)

The error message 'Didger error, Internal error, Module Didger,  File c:\gs\Didger3\GSIWintab.cpp, line 222' means that no WinTab driver information is being detected by Didger from your tablet. There are a number of reasons you could be getting this error, including:


  1. The tablet driver is not installed or not installed correctly. You can determine if this is the case by moving the puck or stylus around on the top of the digitizing tablet. If moving the puck on the tablet does not move the cursor on the screen, this is indicative of a tablet driver problem.
  2. The tablet driver is not installed correctly. Go to the tablet driver settings and check to make sure they are correct. I think for the newest CalComp driver (TabletWorks v. 10.02) this is done automatically. You may just want to double check them.
  3. The tablet was not turned on prior to starting the computer. Turn on the tablet and reboot the computer with the tablet turned on.
  4. The tablet driver is faulty. Be sure you have the most recent version of your tablet driver. Most tablet manufacturers have tablet drivers for download from their web site. If you cannot find a different tablet driver, you can try the Virtual Tablet Driver which works with over 300 tablets. You can download the Virtual Tablet Driver from . Be sure to uninstall any tablet drivers from your computer before installing a new driver.

Updated: September 28, 2016

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