How do I export a georeferenced image from Didger into Surfer?

To export a georeferenced image from Didger into Surfer you can do one of the following:

  1. (Didger 3) Once the image is georeferenced and imported into a vector project in Didger 3, go to File | Create Surfer Base Map.
  2. (Didger 4) Once the image is georeferenced in Didger 4, go to Tools | Surfer | Create Base Map.
  3. (Didger 5) Once the image is georeferenced in Didger 5, go to Map | Surfer | Create Base Map.
  4. Import a georeferenced image (into a vector project if using Didger 3), go to Map | Project Limits and make sure "Clip Map Objects During Export" is unchecked, and export to a Golden Software Interchange (*.GSI) file. Import the GSI file as a base map in Surfer.
  5. Export a TIF file from Didger saving the spatial reference information either internally or in an ESRI World File (*.tfw).

Updated October 20, 2016

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