Why is the PJT file size so large? It doubles in size the second time I save it in Didger 3.

When you save a PJT file twice in Didger 3, the file size often doubles. 

This is because Didger 3 saves PJT files as compound document files, which become fragmented very easily (in this case, when you do a resave) and doubles their size. We are aware of the issue in Didger and are taking steps to resolve it. In the meantime, there are two ways to get the file back to its original size:
  1. Save the file to a new name (File | Save As).
  2. Our programmers recommended using the Unfrag software to unfragment the files. If you wish, you can download, unzip, and run Unfrag.exe to unfragment the PJT file and decrease the file size by half.
This was changed in versions Didger 4 and newer so that the file size no longer doubles when you resave.

Updated October 19, 2016

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