How can I reduce the number of points in a polyline using Didger?

To reduce the number of points in a polyline in Didger, you can:


  • Resample the polyline
    1. Select the line.
    2. Click Draw | Resample Polyline.
    3. In the Resample Polyline dialog,
      1. Select your resampling direction.
      2. Enter your starting, ending, and increment values.
      3. Uncheck Create New Line.
      4. Click OK.

  • Thin the polyline
    1. Select the polyline.
    2. Click Draw | Thin and Smooth.
    3. In the Line Thinning and Smoothing dialog,
      1. Choose one of the four thinning/smoothing options in the Select Method section.
      2. Enter the desired Removal Rate.
      3. Click Preview to get a look at the result without closing the dialog, or click OK to accept the settings and close the dialog.


Updated July 16, 2018

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