When I try to install an update or uninstall Didger 3, I get a message about it not being able to find the MSI file.

The Didger 3.msi file is needed in order to update (or uninstall) Didger 3. This file is either found on the installation CD or in the downloaded EXE of the full version of the software.

If you installed your original full version of Didger 3 from a CD, put the CD into the computer and when prompted for the MSI file. Then click the Browse button on the dialog below and browse to your CD ROM drive.

If you installed Didger 3 from a full download version, extract the MSI file from the downloaded EXE file by running the EXE until it stops for a prompt. Search your hard disk for the Didger 3.msi file (click on Start in the lower left corner of your screen and go to Search) and copy it to a new folder. Cancel the installation and run the Didger update again. When asked to specify the MSI file, click the Browse button and navigate to the folder that contains the MSI file.

Didger is looking for the MSI file of the last full installation on your computer. For example, if you installed Didger 3.04 from the CD and updated via Help | Check for Update to 3.06 – you will need the original 3.04 MSI file. 

Updated October 12, 2016

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