Where can I download boundary files for use in Didger?

Golden Software has a variety of free downloads available for use in Didger, including boundary files and base maps. These are available from

The boundary files available for download include:

City - Point location of cities.
DLG 2000 - USGS Digitial Line Graph files.
US County 2000 - United States county boundaries and data (2000 census).
US County 2010 - United States county boundaries and data (2010 census).
US Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous United States boundary files.
US PLSS - Townships of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) for 30 states.
US Roads 2010 - Major roads and highways of the United States.
World Aministrative 2009 - Boundary files of many countries of the world, with first-level administrative divisions.
World Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous world boundary files.
ZIP3_2000 - Three digit US ZIP code boundaries.
ZIP5_2000 - Five digit US ZIP code boundaries.


If you do not find what you need, we suggest searching the web for boundary files. Try starting with our Useful Links knowledge base article.


Updated September 28, 2016

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