Can I import an image into Didger, digitize it, and then calibrate it? .

Yes, you can digitize and then calibrate in Didger 5:
  1. Import the image(s) un-referenced (click the Un-referenced button in the Image Registration and Warping dialog).
  2. Digitize the information you need (or have it digitized).
  3. Go to Map | Coordinate Conversion to calibrate the image.
  4. Under the Coordinate System Settings section, click the Destination System button to specify a projection or change axis types. Specify the calibration units you will use to calibrate the image and click OK.
  5. Choose the Georeference radio button.
  6. Enter the World X and World Y coordinates for the first calibration point.
  7. Click on the image at that point location. To locate a point precisely, use SHIFT+click to zoom in and CTRL+click to zoom out.
  8. Click the Add button two or more times to add more calibration point rows, enter the World X and World Y coordinates for those points, and calibrate them on the image.
  9. When you are done calibrating the image, choose a Georeference Method (usually Affine Polynomial is best) and click OK.

Updated June 11, 2018.

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