Can I import an image into Didger, digitize it, and then calibrate it? We have other people doing the digitizing, but we don't necessarily trust them to do the precise calibration.

Yes, you can digitize and then calibrate in Didger 5:
  1. Import the image(s) un-referenced (click the Un-referenced button in the Image Registration and Warping dialog).
  2. Digitize the information you need (or have it digitized).
  3. Go to Map | Coordinate Conversion to calibrate the image.
  4. Under the Coordinate System Settings section, click the Destination System button to specify a projection or change axis types. Specify the calibration units you will use to calibrate the image and click OK.
  5. Choose the Georeference radio button.
  6. Enter the World X and World Y coordinates for the first calibration point.
  7. Click on the image at that point location. To locate a point precisely, use SHIFT+click to zoom in and CTRL+click to zoom out.
  8. Click the Add button two or more times to add more calibration point rows, enter the World X and World Y coordinates for those points, and calibrate them on the image.
  9. When you are done calibrating the image, choose a Georeference Method (usually Affine Polynomial is best) and click OK.

Updated October 12, 2016

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