Why does it take so long to open an old PJT file or import an image in Didger 4?

Didger 4 requires all imported images to be warped. Warping can take some time, depending on how large the image is.

If you have an image in a Didger 2 or 3 PJT file and it is unwarped, Didger 4 will warp the image when you open the PJT file. However, once you open the older PJT file and save it to a Didger 4 PJT file, you will not have to re-warp the image. The next time you open the PJT, it will be much faster.

The same goes for importing an image. After you calibrate the image in the Image Registration and Warping dialog, Didger 4 will warp the image and then import it into your project space.


Updated: October 12, 2016

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