Do I have to resample a polyline using Tools | Resample Polyline before I export to LAS file from Didger?

No, you do not have to use Draw | Resample Polyline before exporting to an LAS file in Didger 5. You can resample the polylines collectively during export. Just go to File | Export, give the file a name, choose to export an LAS file and click Save. On the Curve Info tab, set the starting depth, ending depth, and step values to resample the polylines during export.


If you are using Didger 4, the command name is Digitize | Resample Polyline and again, this can be done during the export process.

If you are using Didger 3, then yes, you do have to resample each polyline using the Tools | Resample Polylines command before exporting it to an LAS file. The Resample Polylines command is grayed out in raster projects, so be sure you are in a vector project before attempting to use this command.


Updated June 29, 2018

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