I can't convert my datum to NAD 1927 - CONUS (NADCON) or (MRE) in Didger 4. Why?

If you try to convert the projection to NAD 1927 - CONUS (NADCON) or NAD 1927 - CONUS (MRE) in Didger 4 you will get an error: 

Didger Error
Didger detected the following problem with the specified datum
parameters. Please reset the necessary datum parameters.
Invalid destination datum specified.

This is because Didger 4 doesn't support NADCON or MRE as a destination datum. To avoid the error,change the datum to North American Datum 1927. This issue has been fixed with the release of Didger 5. 

They are included in the list so that you can select these datums as a source datum.

Updated: October 5, 2016

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