I can't convert my datum to NAD 1927 - CONUS (NADCON) or (MRE) in Didger 4. Why?

If you try to convert the projection to NAD 1927 - CONUS (NADCON) or NAD 1927 - CONUS (MRE) in Didger 4 you will get an error: 

Didger Error
Didger detected the following problem with the specified datum parameters. Please reset the necessary datum parameters.

Invalid destination datum specified.


This is because Didger 4 doesn't support NADCON or MRE as a destination datum (they are included in the list so that you can select these datums as a source datum). To avoid the error, change the Datum to North American Datum 1927. This issue has been fixed with the release of Didger 5. 


Updated: April 30, 2018

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