How come even though I have over 20 data fields, on a DAT export, I am only getting 6?

In Didger 4, the DAT export only supports 4 IDs, so you get the X and Y data plus the PID, SID, 3rd and 4th ID fields.


As a work around in Didger 4, you could export to a DAT file and a SHP file. The SHP export will also create a DBF file that has all the ID information in it. You can then open the DBF file and copy and paste the information into the DAT file. This might be a bit of work since the DAT file exports all vertices and the DBF only contains the ID per object (not per vertex).


In Didger 5, all of the attribute fields are exported to DAT format.


Updated: October 5, 2016

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