What is MapViewer's "online help"?

This article describes what MapViewer's 'online help' means and where to find other help resources.


Online Help:
The term “online help” refers to the help file accessible from the program. The online help is included in the program and accessed through a program menu command. If you are using an older version of MapViewer, click the Help | Contents command to open the help. If you are using MapViewer 8 click the Home | Help | Contents command or click the  button located in the upper right corner to open the help. The help contains information on all the commands, dialogs, and features of the specific program. You can also access the online help in the program by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard, or clicking the  button in dialogs.


Internet Resources:
There are many help resources on the internet available for you as well.  The Knowledge Base, FAQs, Forums, Training Videos, Blog, and Technical Support are all avenues to help you answer a question or learn more about the programs.


You can also use the help file on the internet. This file is identical to the one in the program.


For more information about technical support, please visit:


Updated January 18, 2017

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