How can I save my MapViewer map to a PDF file?

There are two ways to save a MapViewer map to a PDF file.
  1. Export to a raster or vector PDF.

    MapViewer 8 has added the ability to export (using File | Export) to a vector PDF, which contains vector objects rather than raster objects, so the files are typically smaller and look crisper. Alternatively, beginning with MapViewer 6, you can use the File | Export command to export to a raster PDF file. This file type is typically larger and less crisp, but can be opened in more programs.

    The advantage of this export method is that no other software is needed in addition to MapViewer.

  2. Print to a PDF driver.
    A number of software programs, such as Adobe Acrobat, install a printer driver that will create a PDF file. If you have a program like this, you can create a PDF from MapViewer by printing to this PDF print driver. PDFs created in this manner generally contain vector objects rather than bitmaps, so the file size is typically smaller than a PDF exported directly from MapViewer.

    If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat or another program that creates PDFs, you can download and install a free program, such as PDFCreator, CutePDF, or BullZIP PDF.


Updated January 2, 2019

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