Can I use MapViewer to find all ZIP codes within a certain distance of another ZIP?

Yes, you can find what ZIP codes are within a certain distance of another ZIP code in MapViewer. To do so you will use the below instructions to perform a Query within Range:

  1. Click Map | Create Map | Pin to make a pin map of the US ZIP locations.
  2. Choose the ExtendedZIP5.csv file from the MapViewer 8 directory and click Open.
  3. Click on the pin map layer in the Object Manager.
  4. On the General page in the Property Manager, verify that the Locating method is Coordinate, the X coordinate is Column B: Longitude, and the Y coordinate is Column C: Latitude.
  5. Click Map | Plot | Plot Properties.
  6. On the Units page in the Property Manager, set the Surface distance units to the distance units you want to specify your range in. For example, if you want to find all ZIP codes within 10 miles of ZIP code 80401, set this to Miles.
  7. Go to Home | Tools and type the ZIP code into the Search box.
  8. Press ENTER on your keyboard to select that ZIP code.
  9. Click Analysis | Query | Range.
  10. In the Query within Range dialog, choose your action from the dropdown list. Then choose Points from the list of objects, and type your distance into the box.


  1. Click OK to perform the query.

Updated December 12, 2018


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