Can I set the background color of my MapViewer map to something other than white?

While there is no direct way to set the page color in MapViewer, there are two workarounds to give you the same result.
  • Draw a rectangle.
    This is useful if you are already using a map collar to display your map coordinates.
    1. Click Draw | Shape | Rectangle.
    2. Click and drag your mouse on the page to draw the rectangle.
    3. Press Esc or click Draw | Tools | Select to exit drawing mode.
    4. Select the rectangle.
    5. In the Fill tab of the Property Manager, set the fill properties.
    6. Click Arrange | Move | To Back to put your rectangle behind your other objects.
    7. In the Size section, set the Width and Height to the width and height of your page.
    8. In the Position section, set the X to 0.000 and the Y to the height of your page.
    9. Right click on the rectangle in the Object Manager and click Lock Object. This will lock the object position and properties so moving, resizing, or projecting other objects on the map will not affect the rectangle.
  • Use a map collar.
    This is useful if you don't want a rectangle object in the Object Manager and in your reports.
    1. Click Map | Add | Collar to add a collar to your map.
    2. Click Map | Plot | Plot Properties to open the collar properties (and other plot properties) in the Property Manager.
    3. In the Collar Ticks tab of the Property Manager, verify that Show major ticks in both the Outer Ticks and Inner Ticks sections is unchecked.
    4. Hover your mouse over the right edge of your page and make note of the first (X) value in the status bar.
    5. Type that value into the X Min field in the Collar Limits section of the Collars tab in the Property Manager.
    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the x value of the left edge of the page (X Min), the y value of the top of the page (Y Max), and the y value of the bottom of the page (Y Min).
    7. In the Fill section of the Collars tab, set the fill properties.


Updated February 27, 2015

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