I made a map of US states in MapViewer. How can I show the state names on the map?

The boundary files included with MapViewer have identifying information stored in either the Primary ID (PID) or Secondary ID (SID) attributes of the objects. Additionally, linked text can be associated with each object by adding a thematic map to the boundary file. By default, labels are not displayed on the map, but it is easy to have them shown.


If your states are on a base map, or they're on a thematic map but not every state contains linked data:

  1. Click on the appropriate layer in the Object Manager.
  2. Click Arrange | Selection | Select All, or click Arrange | Selection | Select by Object then uncheck everything except Polygon and click OK. This selects all of the states.
  3. In the Info tab of the Property Manager, change the ID List to either PID or SID (whichever you want to display as labels).
  4. Check the box to Show ID.
  5. These are linked text objects, so they don't show up in the Object Manager, but you can deselect everything and then select one or more of these label text boxes to edit or move.

This former allows you to display labels only from the PID and/or SID of the boundary objects, but it does not require there to be linked data to do so.


If your states are on a thematic map and every state contains linked data (or you only want to label states that contain linked data):

  1. Click on the appropriate thematic map layer in the Object Manager.
  2. In the Data Labels tab of the Property Manager, check the box to Show data labels.
  3. In the Label set section, click the Add button to add a label to the Label set list, and click the Remove button to remove the displaying label from the Label set list.
  4. Properties for the displayed Label set can be found below, in the Property Manager. Individual labels can be edited by clicking the Start button next to Move/edit labels in the General section and double clicking on the label to edit (click Finish when you're done editing).

This latter method allows you to label from any column in the linked data.


Updated October 10, 2016

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