Some of the pies in my MapViewer pie map overlap. Can I move them?

The pies are positioned relative to the map object's centroid. To move individual pies, move the object's centroid.

To move a centroid:

  1. Select one or more objects.
  2. Click Boundary | Edit Boundaries | Move Centroids command. The cursor changes into a four arrow cursor and a cross appears at the current centroid of the boundary object(s).
  3. Click the cross and drag it to the desired location. The pie(s) will be placed on the new location.
  4. Press ESC on your keyboard to exit the editing mode.


This same method can also be used to move bar charts on a bar map, line/symbol graphs on a multi-graph map, symbols on a symbol map, or line graphs on a line graph map.


Updated September 12, 2018

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