When I open the MapViewer sample file USCITY.XLS in Excel, my anti-virus program warns that the file is password-protected and may contain a virus. Does this file have a virus?

The USCITY.XLS file as distributed with MapViewer is not password protected and does not contain a virus.  

We have only seen this warning from the AVG anti-virus program, so it may be a problem with AVG. This issue only appears with the XLS file shipped with MapViewer 7.0 or older. This file was recreated before the MapViewer 7.01 update, and the newer version of the file does not trigger this warning message. If you have an older version of MapViewer, you can download the new USCITY.XLS from our website and replace the old file with the new one. The data contained in the file is unchanged.


Updated October 6, 2016

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