I get a MapViewer error saying the database can't find my city and state when using the City, State Pin Map Locating method or my city is in the wrong location. How do I fix this?

The US City, State pin map locating method places pins on the map based on city and state names from two columns in your data file. The state can be specified as the full name or the two letter abbreviation. The location coordinates are read from the CityState.csv file included with MapViewer (located by default in C:\Program Files\Golden Software\MapViewer 8\). The CityState.csv file has over 30,000 city and state names.


  • If your city is not in the correct location, edit the latitude and longitude listed in the CityState.csv file.
  • If you receive an error message stating "The database can't find X city in the state of Y", the city is not currently in the CityState.csv file. Edit the .CSV file to include your city, state, longitude, and latitude, and MapViewer will correctly plot your city on the map without showing you that error. If you don't know the lat/lon coordinates of your city, you can use one of a variety of free websites to look it up, such as Google Maps.


Example: The current city of Grand Rapids, Michigan in the .CSV file displays a pin in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, in Kent county (-85.6557, 42.9612). This is the more populous Grand Rapids, but there is another smaller Grand Rapids, MI in the Upper Peninsula, in Ontonangon county (-89.2756,46.7658). If you wanted to plot this smaller Grand Rapids, change the latitude and longitude in the CityState.csv file to the Upper Peninsula coordinates (-89.2756,46.7658).


Updated June 8, 2018


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