How can I define an area around a point based on a certain radius from the point in MapViewer?

Buffer zones can be drawn around points, polylines, or polygons on a map. To do so:
  1. Use the Draw | Shape | Point command to manually draw points, or use the Map | Create Map | Pin command to create a pin map from x/y, US city/state, or US 5-digit ZIP code data.
  2. Click Map | Plot | Plot Properties.
  3. In the Units tab of the Property Manager, set the Surface distance units to the units you want to use for your buffer zone. For example, if you want a 10 mile buffer, set this to Miles.
  4. Click on one point to select it, or click a point and then hold Shift/Ctrl to select multiple points.
  5. Click Draw | Region | Buffer.
  6. In the Buffer Zone Settings dialog, check the box next to Point in the Create buffer zone around section.
  7. Set the Buffer width and the Error tolerance and then click OK. The buffer zone(s) is/are created.


Updated October 6, 2016

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