How to Make Text Box Active in a User Dialog in Grapher Scripter?

This article provides the commands needed to create a user dialog text box and make it active from a Grapher script.

In order to give the focus to the automation created text box, a dialog function is added in Scripter. To do this, the first line of the creation of the dialog will need to be changed slightly and a function should be added after the End Sub line in the script. The first line will need to reference the dialog function:

        Begin Dialog UserDialog 550,112,"Enter Run Date",.DialogFunc


After the End Sub line, add this dialog function:

       Function DialogFunc%(DlgItem$, Action%, SuppValue%)
              DlgFocus "Text1"
       End Function


See attached user dialog example -- text box focus for and example script that uses this dialog box function


Updated October 11, 2018

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