Adjust Font Properties for Text Objects in Grapher

In Grapher, you can change the font properties for text objects in the Property Manager or in the Text Editor dialog. When using the text editor, font changes can be applied to all of your text or only some of it. Changes you apply in the Text Editor are applied only to the words or characters you select. These changes do not apply to axis labels or other graph text.


Change Font Properties From the Property Manager:

Click the text object in the Object Manager. In the Text tab of Property Manager, adjust for size, color, style and font position as you see fit. 


Change Font Properties From the Text Editor: 

To change the properties of a single character or word, highlight the text in the Text Editor. Make any changes to the font properties and the properties are applied to only the selected text. Click OK

Note that the font properties applied to individual characters or words in the Text Editor override any properties applied to the full string in the Property Manager.

Grapher Text EditorHighlight only the selected portion of the text to edit.



Updated May 2023

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