How do I rename Plots in Grapher?

Each object, including graph objects, can be given a unique name in Grapher. By default, multiple plots are named using the data value or header in cell A2. The easiest way to give objects unique names is by using the Object Manager
By default, the Object Manager is docked on the left side of the plot window.


The Object Manager is displayed on the left side of the plot window, highlighted in this image.


If the Object Manager is not visible, check the box next to the View | Display | Object Manager command.


Right-click on the Line/Scatter Plot, or plot you would like to rename, in the Object Manager and select Rename Object. Type a new ID into the box and click OK. Alternatively, slow double-click on the Line/Scatter Plot object name in the Object Manager to edit the ID.


If you would like a default name from a worksheet name or column, please let us know.


Updated October 8, 2018

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