How can I display my GPS points in Grapher and Surfer?

Many GPS units can be set to record hike, bike, ski, boat, and car trips to a GPS track. Surfer and Grapher can be used to display tracks as maps and elevation profiles to help you visualize the data.

The steps below are detailed in the knowledge base article Using GPS Data with Grapher and Surfer.

  1. Downloading GPS Tracks to an ASCII File
  2. Using Surfer Post and Classed Post Maps to Display Tracks
  3. Using Surfer to Overlay DRG and DEM Data
  4. Using Surfer to create Classed Post Maps for Elevation Profiles
  5. Using Grapher to Display Track Data with Grapher Plots


Both Surfer and Grapher have a number of useful plot types for displaying three dimensional data. Surfer works well when creating maps, and Grapher is a good choice for 2D and 3D profiles.

In addition to the G7toWin utility mentioned in the knowledge base article, there are many other GPS converters online that you may be able to use to convert GPX data to CSV or tab delimited TXT data.


Updated September 21, 2018

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