Can I use non-English date labels in Grapher?

Yes! Default date/time formats are in your Windows locale language. If your locale and language is set to German, date/time labels will be displayed in German.


You can also set the date/time format to any language desired. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click once on the axis to select it.
  2. In the Property Manager, click the Tick Labels tab.
  3. Click the next to the Major Labels section.
  4. Click the next to the Format section.
  5. Click the Select button next to the Date/time format option.
  6. Select the appropriate Language (Country) from the list and click Insert. For instance, if you want to use French, select Frech (France) -[$-40C].
  7. Select teh appropriate date format in the Predefined date/time formats section and click Insert.
  8. If the date format you want is not listed, type the date/time format in the Date/Time format (edit to change) box. You can use the M, d, yy, g, h, m, ss, and tt designators. For example, if you want full month names, type MMMM. The text should now read: [$-40C]MMMM.
  9. Click OK.

 The graph will automatically update.

Updated July 7, 2016

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