Create a logarithmic graph with a logarithmic axis in Grapher

To create a graph, click the appropriate command under the Home | New Graph tab. For example, click the Home | New Graph | Basic | Function Plot (Grapher 12 Function Plot) command to create a function plot graph. After the graph is created, follow these steps to change the axis scale to a logarithmic axis scale, a natural logarithmic axis scale, probability axis scale, or a linear axis scale.


  1. Click on the Axis object in the Object Manager. For example, to make the vertical axis logarithmic, click on the Y Axis 1 to select the vertical axis.
  2. In the Property Manager, click on the Axis tab.
  3. Next to Scale, click on the current axis scale. Select the desired new scale from the list. In this example, click on Linear and select Log (base 10) from the list.


The axis will automatically update to display the new axis scale.


Updated September 20, 2018

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