I'm using Grapher. What is Unicode and what does it do for me?

This article provides information about what Unicode is and how it can be used for text or label font in another language in Grapher.

Fonts are divided into the non-Unicode section (the first 255 characters of any font) and the Unicode section (any characters above #255). If you have any need for special characters, such as characters with accent marks, upside down question marks, "picture" characters (Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Polish, etc.), the current version of Grapher and all Golden Software programs support these characters.  Any character can be used anywhere in these programs. 


The easiest way to add Unicode text is to select characters in the Windows Character Map and copy/paste into Grapher. You can also use the ALT + #### option. Hold down the ALT button and type the character number to use this method. There is also a Windows language toolbar that will allow you to type in another language. Any of these methods can be used to type text.


Updated September 17, 2018

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