Is there a way to have relative axis scales in Grapher via automation?

Grapher allows each axis to be scaled separately using axis minimum, maximum, and length values. There is not a scale setting to control how many units occur over a given page length. However we have created a script that will do this: set Y scale to match X scale.bas.
  1. Download the set Y scale to match X scale.bas script.
  2. In Grapher, click File | Open and open the GRF, GPJ, or GRT file.
  3. Click the Developer | Scripts | Run command.
  4. In the Open dialog, select the Y scale to match X scale.bas file and click Open. The script automatically scales the Y axis to match the X axis.


If you plan on using the script many times, it is recommended that you add it to the Developer tab. You can then run the script quickly by simply clicking the appropriate button in the Developer | User Scripts section. To add the script to the Developer tab:

  1. Click the Developer | User Scripts | Add Scripts button.
  2. In the Open dialog, select the Y scale to match X scale.BAS file and click Open.
  3. A new button is added to the toolbar.


In addition, Grapher 11 and 12 support linked axis settings. To link the Y axis minimum, maximum, length, scale, or position to the X axis, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Y Axis to select it.
  2. In the Property Manager, click on the Link Axis tab.
  3. Set the Link axis to the X Axis.
  4. Check the appropriate box and the Y axis is linked to the X axis for those properties. When the X axis changes, the Y axis will automatically update.


For more information, see the article Types Of Axis Linking for additional information on how to use axis linking in Grapher.


Updated October 11, 2018

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