Can I plot data based on time in Grapher?

Yes, Grapher can create a graph with either axis based on time. The key is getting the worksheet in the correct format. Many programs create data files with time in one column, date in a another column, and the plotting value in the third column. If all of the times are from the same date, you can use the time column by itself to create a graph. If there are multiple days, the date and time need to be in the same column for the graph to appear correctly. In Grapher, you can add the date and time columns and put the result in a new column using the following Transform equation:



Where column A contains the date and column B contains the time. After adding the columns together, format the new column as a recognized date/time format. This new column can now be used to create a plot.


X Axis is displaying date/time labels with major labels every 7 days.


Updated September 21, 2018

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