How can I merge two Surfer SRF files?

Two SRF files can currently be merged into one by copying the objects in one file and pasting them into another.  If you would like a built in function for merging separate SRF files, please let us know.
  1. Click File | Open and open the first SRF file.
  2. Click Home | Selection | Select All | Select All or press the CTRL+A on the keyboard. 
  3. Click Home | Clipboard | Copy or press the CTRL+C on the keyboard.
  4. Click File | Open and open the second SRF file.
  5. Click Home | Clipboard | Paste or press the Ctrl+V on the keyboard. The objects will be pasted to the center of the screen.
  6. You can move drawn objects after they are pasted by clicking and dragging the objects on the screen.  Or, you can use the Home | Selection | Select All | Select All and Map Tools | Map Tools | Overlay Maps command to overlay maps.


Updated November 5, 2018

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