How can I post well locations in Surfer using township, range, and section?

Surfer requires XY coordinates for point locations (e.g. lat/long, UTM, SPCS, etc) and does not support township, range, and section coordinates directly. However, you may be able to find latitude and longitude (decimal degrees) coordinates for the wells to use in Surfer. 


The Kansas Geological Survey is one source on the internet for lat/long coordinates of wells.  Other states may have this information available from their oil and gas commissions or other government bureaus. Well locations may also be available from some commercial companies in AutoCAD DXF format that can be imported into Surfer.


Some township and range map vendors include:

  1. Whitestar:
  2. Tobin:
  3. USGS (in DLG format):


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Updated October 16, 2018

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