How do I add spot locations (e.g. wells or sample locations) to my Surfer map?

To display well locations on a map, add them as a post map. You will need a data file with at the XY coordinates of each well.
  1. Select the map you wish to add the points to.
  2. Click Home | Add to Map | Layer | Post.
  3. In the Open Data dialog, select the data file or open worksheet containing the well locations and click Open.


The post layer is added to the map. Select Post layer in the Contents window and edit any of the post layer properties (selecting different x or y columns, adding labels, changing the symbol shape, etc,) in the Properties window.


You may also be interested in the Surfer Tutorial, Lesson 5 - Posting Data Points and Working with Map Layers.


Updated October 30, 2018

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