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Add well or sample locations to a Surfer map

There are a few map types that can be used to display well locations on a map in Surfer. The map type you choose will depend on your overall desired output. Below is a list of map types with a short description of why you might use it, and the type of data required. Click the links to learn how to create the map and adjust its properties! 


Map types to show wells or sample data:

  • Drillhole Map - Use this option to display points along with downhole data, see deviations in a 2D plan view, or view wells in 3D. Requires a collars table. 

  • Base from Data Map - Use this option to display points and use attributes in the data to apply properties via Surfer's Base Symbology. XY data is required, Z data and attributes can also be used. 

  • Base Vector Maps - Use this option if you have points in a vector file such as a DXF or SHP. 

  • Post Maps - Quick way to plot XY points and apply a symbol set to all points. XY data required. 


To add these map types to an existing map:

  1. Click the existing Map object in the Contents window. 
  2. In the ribbon, click Home | Add to Map | Layer then choose one of the map types listed above. Click the links to learn more about each map type. 


Updated September 2021

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