Gridding with faults in Surfer using Kriging

Faults are not supported with Kriging gridding method in Surfer 8 and higher versions.  In older versions of Surfer, Kriging with faults caused an error ("The system of Kriging equations is singular") due to the discontinuity along the fault, and this feature was removed from Surfer 8 and all higher versions.

We currently recommend using one of the other gridding methods that supports faults, as listed in the Breaklines and Faults help topic:

  • Inverse Distance to a Power
  • Minimum Curvature
  • Nearest Neighbor
  • Data Metrics

Minimum Curvature produces a very similar result to Kriging, so we suggest you start with that method.

If you would like to add your vote for Kriging with faults to our suggestion file, please let us know.


Updated October 30, 2018

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