Why do I get Surfer Warning "Can't save linked object by itself. Unable to render GS_Surfer format" when I copy and paste?

The Surfer warning "Can't save linked object by itself. Unable to render GS_Surfer format" is a warning that you are trying to copy a map without the linked object, or vice versa.  A linked object could be a color scale, a scale bar, or a legend.

For example, you might have a filled contour map and a color scale bar. If you copy the contour map, but not the linked color scale, the warning will appear.


This is just a warning and you can still copy and paste the map as a metafile after clicking OK. To paste the copied object as a map object or to not get the warning, select both the map and the linked object together before copying, or delete the linked object before copying.


Updated November 5, 2016

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