Create a shaded 3D surface without colors in Surfer

Creating a 3D surface map without colors may be useful when you want to drape an image the surface and see only the shadows from the surface. To do this:
  1. Create the 3D surface map by clicking Home | New Map | 3D Surface | 3D Surface, selecting your grid file and clicking Open.
  2. Select the 3D Surface layer in the Contents window.
  3. In the Properties window, on the Overlays page, make sure the Color modulation is set to Blend overlay and surface colors so you will see the overlay along with the surface shading.
  4. On the General page, under Material Color, click the (...) button to the right of Upper.
  5. In the Colormap dialog,
    1. Select GrayScale from the top of the Presets list in the Color Mapping section.
    2. Select the left (black) color node on the color map.
    3. Choose White from the Color list.
    4. Click OK.
  6. Add any other map layers you choose by clicking Home | Add to Map | Layer.
    Show shaded surfaces in Surfer without colors so image overlays pop.


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Updated December 2021

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