How can I display contours from a DXF file in Surfer?

You can import DXF files into Surfer as a 2D base map, or you can grid the XYZ data included in the DXF file and create a map (e.g. contours, 3D surface, etc) from the grid file.


To load it as a 2D base map, click Home | New Map | Base | Base, select the DXF file and click Open.


If you wish to recreate the contours as a contour map or create another map type from the DXF data, the DXF file needs to contain Z value information. As long as it is a 3D DXF file (one with Z values information), you can grid the DXF file and use the grid to create other map types.

  1. Click Home | Grid Data | Grid Data, select the 3D DXF file and click Open. Surfer will read the XYZ data from the DXF file as tabular data. 
  2. Select the gridding parameters you wish.
  3. Click OK.  The grid is created. You can use the grid to create a contour map (click Home | New Map | Contour, select the DXF file and click Open).


If you wish to see the original DXF in 3D, you can drape it over a 3D wireframe map in Surfer or you could use our Voxler software. To drape it over the 3D wireframe map in Surfer, follow these steps:

  1. Click Home | New Map | 3D Maps | Wireframe, select the grid file and click Open.
  2. Then click Home | Add to Map | Layer | Base, select the DXF file and click Open. The DXF file is loaded as a 2D base map draped on the 3D wireframe.
  3. In the Contents window, uncheck the check box to the left of 3D Wireframe to turn off the visibility of the wireframe map.


If you are using Surfer 11 or previous, you can use the free DXF2XYZ utility to convert the 3D DXF file to an XYZ data file. Once you have the XYZ data file, click Grid | Data, select the XYZ data file and click Open. Select the gridding parameters you wish and click OK. Once you have a grid file, you can use it like any other grid to create contour, 3D surface, 3D wireframe or other grid-based map types.  


Updated February 6, 2017

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