How can I identify the layers in my Surfer map and then rename them to something more descriptive?

You can rename the layers or objects in the Contents window to anything you wish to help with identification. This example uses map layers to illustrate the procedure:
  1. If the Contents window is not visible, enable it by clicking View | Show/hide | Contents (verify there is a check mark next to it).
  2. Select the first map layer (or object) in the Contents window tree and uncheck the check box next to the layer to turn off the visibility to identify the layer in the window.
  3. Recheck the check box to turn the layer visibility back on.
  4. Right click over the layer and click Rename Object.
  5. Enter a descriptive name for the layer and click OK.
  6. Repeat for all other map layers or objects you wish to name.

Updated September 12, 2017

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