How do I change the map coordinates in a DXF file within Surfer?

There is not a direct way to change the coordinates of a DXF file (please email to add your vote to this request), but there is a workaround.


Use the page coordinates of two calibration points with known map coordinates on your map to create a new DXF with the changed coordinates.

  1. Click File | Import, select the DXF file and click Open to load the DXF file and display it without axes or map coordinates.
  2. Zoom in on the first known point and write down the XY page coordinates from the status bar at the bottom of the plot window.
  3. Zoom out, scroll to the next point and write down the page coordinates for the second known point.
  4. Choose File | Export, give the file a new name, choose to export it as an AutoCAD DXF Drawing file, and click Save.
  5. In the Export Options dialog, on the Scaling page, enter the two sets of page coordinates in the Page Rectangle boxes.
  6. Enter the corresponding map coordinates under the File Rectangle boxes.
  7. Although the dialogue box prompts for the Lower Left and Upper Right points, you may enter any two map points.
  8. Click OK to create the new DXF file.
  9. To load the file into Surfer with map coordinates, click Home | New Map | Base, select the DXF file and click Open.


Updated February 13, 2017

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