Can I save a SRF file in Surfer that can be read by older versions of Surfer?

Surfer 12 and higher can save SRF files in the Surfer 11 (or higher) SRF formats. To save from Surfer in a previous version SRF format:
  1. Click File | Save As.
  2. Change the Save as type to Surfer xx Document (*.srf), where xx is the previous version.
  3. Click Save.


Surfer versions prior to version 12 cannot save SRF files in a previous version format, so that it can be opened in versions previous to the one it was saved in. However, if you are working with a colleague that has a previous version, there are some options:

  1. They can use the free trial of the current Surfer version as an SRF file “viewer”.
  2. You can export the Surfer SRF file to a vector or raster file, and your colleague could import into the previous version of Surfer as a base map. The vector formats (DXF, GSI, MIF, SHP, etc.) may not look exactly the same, and the raster formats (JPG, TIF, BMP, etc.) are simply images that cannot be edited.  Alternatively, you could copy and paste the maps into a Word document and send that to them.
  3. They could upgrade their older version of Surfer to the current version.


Updated February 9, 2017

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