How is the default Grid Spacing or # of Nodes calculated in the Grid Data dialog in Surfer?

The default grid resolution defined in the Grid Line Geometry section, in the Grid Data dialog, is calculated as follows:
  1. 100 grid nodes are assigned to the longest direction.
  2. The grid spacing is calculated for that direction:
         (Maximum-Minimum) / (# of Nodes – 1)
  3. The same grid spacing is applied to the shorter direction.
  4. The # of Nodes for the shorter direction is calculated:
         ((Maximum-Minimum) / Spacing) + 1
  5. If the # of Nodes in the shorter direction is not greater than 4, then the minimum and maximum values in that direction will be adjusted so that there are at least 4 grid nodes. This means that for data sets where one direction has a vastly different range than the other direction, the grid extents may not exactly match the data extents.


Updated October 16, 2018

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