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  • kkoit ko
    kkoit ko

    Grids | Edit | Project.

    Is this feature built into automation?

    I want to convert coordinates without changing the grid.

  • Brittany Bodane
    Brittany Bodane

    This command is not yet built into automation, but I have added your vote to our suggestion file for this feature to be added. Should we add it to future versions we will let you know!


    Thank you for your feedback, we greatly appreciate it! 




    Golden Software

  • Kefa Ouma
    Kefa Ouma

    Hello Surfer,

    I tried following the instructions above but my grid is not changed to UTM values. Axes are still labelled with decimal degrees values. Kindly help.

  • Justine Carstairs
    Justine Carstairs

    Hi Kefa,

    If your Map coordinate system is still set to lat/long, then the map axes will display in degrees regardless of the projection of the grid file. You can modify the projection in the map by following the steps in this short video: Surfer Coordinate Systems Training Video. If you're still having difficulty after watching the video, please send an email to support@goldensoftware.com with your SRF project attached and we can help you out.



    Golden Software


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