Why is my base map broken into individual objects in Surfer?

When you import a base map, Surfer offers access to each individual object in the base map by breaking it into individual objects. This allows you to select and edit individual objects in the base map.

You do not have to see this if you do not want to. You can collapse the Base(vector) map layer in the Contents window so that the objects are not shown. Then it is the same as Surfer 8 (or previous versions).

Having each individual object in a base map editable does not affect the functionality of the base map in any way and it does not "break" your base map file. It is still a single layer (the Base(vector) map layer) that you can turn on or off in the Contents window. You can also select Base(vector) in the Contents window and set the properties for all objects in the base map at once as you can in Surfer 8.

Updated October 24, 2017

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