How can I choose Lat/Long as my projection in the Surfer worksheet?

You can choose lat/long as either your source or target coordinate system in the Surfer worksheet using Data | Coordinate System | New Projected Coordinates, or you can assign lat/long as the coordinate system for a data file using Data | Coordinate System | Assign Coordinate System. To select lat/long, expand Geographic (lat/lon) in the Assign Coordinate System dialog and select the appropriate datum.

For example:

  1. In the Surfer worksheet, click Data | Coordinate System | New Projected Coordinates.
  2. In the New Projected Coordinates dialog, click the (...) button next to either Source Coordinate System or Target Coordinate System (whichever you want to specify at lat/long).
  3. In the Assign Coordinate System dialog, open the Predefined | Geographic (lat/lon) category.
  4. Many different datums are listed under this category. Select the datum your lat/long coordinates use. Most simple lat/long coordinates use World Geodetic System 1984 (aka. WGS84) as the datum. 
  5. Click OK and the lat/long coordinate system is entered, in this case as the Target Coordinate System.


Updated November 12, 2018


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