The XYZ coordinates in the Surfer status bar show the coordinates for what map?

Surfer displays the XYZ coordinates in the status bar for the map under the mouse cursor. 


By default, the XYZ corodinates in the status bar track the top most layer in a combined map, or the top most map in the Contents window if two (or more) maps are located on top of each other. Surfer will not track the coordinates of invisible map layers (map layers unchecked in the Contents window). For example, if you have two separate maps on top of each other in the plot window, then the coordinates in the status bar would be for the top most layer in the top most map.


By default, Surfer will track the XYZ coordinates of the top-most layer, the Contours layer.


The behavior can be changed from tracking the top most map or layer, to tracking a selected layer by clicking File | Options. On the General page, change Track map coordinates of from Topmost map/layer (the default) to Selected map/layer. When Selected map/layer is chosen, then the status bar will report the XYZ coordinates of the selected layer. If no layer is selected, then no XYZ coordinates will be reported in the status bar.

 Set Track map coordinates of to Selected map/layer, and then select the Color Relief layer to track the XYZ coordinates of the Color Relief layer in the status bar.


Updated January 17, 2017

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